Kandal Cross Shrine In Ooty

Ooty or Ootacamundalam is a famous hill station located in the Nilgiris Hills of a South Indian state Tamil Nadu. It’s about 9,080 feet above the sea level and often called as “Queen of Hills Stations”. Under British Raj, this part of the state was entirely owned by the private British citizens. Britishers liked the environment here and started developing the hills. Hence there are many churches here. Apart from the beauty of nature in Ooty, there are numerous other places to visit. One of the most visited places in Udhagamandalam is Kandal Cross Shrine. This Cross Shrine is in rectangular shape and is spread in five acres of land at the outskirts of Ooty which is surrounded by soil, dirt and marshy land.

The Kandal Cross Shrine is located about 3 km away from the Ooty railway station. This Shrine is considered very holy by Roman Catholics and is also referred to as “Calvary of Tamil Nadu”. The followers believe that it showers heavenly blessings on the tourists and pilgrims who visit the shrine. In this shrine, there is a life size bronze crucifix which was imported from France and installed on a boulder in 1933 to commemorate the 19th centenary of the Redemption of Mankind.

The Kandal Cross Shrine is established in the year 1933 and is an important pilgrimage center for all the Nilgiri Catholics. This Cross Shrine is also called as the Jerusalem of the East. On 3rd of May, every year the grand feast is held which attracts a lot of crowd. On this day pilgrims and tourists come in large numbers and all the roads in the hill station leads to the Shrine. A car procession always marks the occasion. On 3rd may special buses employed every year by the Tamil Nadu State Transport. The local Police take precautionary steps in the view of crowds and important people.

Ooty also have some other pilgrimage points in the form of churches like St. Stephen’s Church, St.Mary’s Church, St. Theresas Church, Holy Trinity Church, Sacred Heart Church and Thomas Church. But Kandal Cross Shrine occupies a place on eminence. Pilgrims and devotees come in large number to attend the special Novena Prayers and Holy Masses organized every Friday at the Kandal Cross.

The Kandal Cross Shrine was brought in Ooty by an Apostolic delegate and is erected here as the relic of a true cross. It is believed that this Cross has magical powers that can easily cure the sick and ailing people. If you ever come to Ooty don’t miss to Visit Kandal Cross Shrine.